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ZView Report Writer

Creating Customized Reports Has Never Been Easier

ZVIEW is a visual report writer designed specifically for text-based systems such as Unix. It works with existing data on all popular platforms , as well as in mixed environments, providing users with a single, easy-to-use product to meet all their report writing needs.

Giving Users and Developers the Resources to to be more productive.

A Multi-purpose Development Tool
ZView generates System Z source code that can modified and enhanced with the System Z Development Environment. As a result, ZView is also an ideal programming and prototyping tool allowing software developers to quickly create custom reports. ________________________________________________________

ZView Features

Report Layout - ZView lets users see an image of the report layout on the screen as fields are selected, completely eliminating guesswork.

Use Existing Data - ZView supports all major databases and file systems including relational and non-relational formats.

Natural and Intuitive Interface - Program functions in ZView are easy to understand, offering users helpful selection options.

Customized Specs - Using the ZView visual layout mode, headings can easily be added or modified and resizing fields is just a keystroke away.

Computing Values -
Derived fields can be defined during report design. User information not known about a report at design time, such as printer destination and selection criteria, can be requested from the user when the report is executed.

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